Christian Education

The OUMC Education Team fathfully serves; providing opportunities for

people of all ages, race and gender,

to grow with us both spiritually and biblically.

Being in "the word," is the crucial compomnent to becoming a commited disciple of Jesus Christ. 

 "The Truth Seekers"

Adult Sunday School Class

September - June

 @ 9:00a.m.


"The Well"

Our Childrens Program

Youth Sunday School Class

Starts September 16!

(gr. 5 - 12)  @ 9:30 a.m

(gr. K - 3rd)  @ 10:45 a.m (during Worship)


As a shout-out to the Bible Story favorite, The Woman at the Well, in John 4, our K-8th Grade Sunday School program is named "The Well".

Our Sunday School team consists of volunteer parents and grandparents within the church with most of them being teachers or para-pros by trade. They strive to creatively capture a great deal of the attributes illustrated in the story of The Woman at the Well in our Sunday School classes such as, 

*  Shaping Their Lives

*  Sharing Their Faith

*  Encountering Jesus

*  Engaging with the Lost

*   Speaking with God

*  Refreshing their Spirit &

 *  Creating A Community Turned Upside-Right by Jesus


Our curriculum is available on RightNow, and changes every semester. Along with fun contests, games, songs, crafts, online videos, quizzes, and special missions, our teachers and h elpers mimic Jesus' teaching principals when educating your children in the stories of the Bible and the ways of the Lord.

Here's how we do so:

*  We engage Our Students & Talk With Them.  Jesus was more than a talking head, so we are, too.
*  We Tell Stories. Jesus taught in parables. We incorporate the Bible stories into our weekly topics and encourage personal storytelling from your children and our team members to enhance the children's learing experience!
*  We Use Relevant Symbolism To Teach A Point. Jesus used religious symbolism like "the bread of life" and "never thirst again" that were familiar to his listeners. We not only teach the kids what his symbolism means, but relate it back to their daily life.
*  We Teach At An Appropriate Level. Jesus tailored his message around what the listeners already understood. At "The Well", we have a K-3rd Grade and a 4th-8th Grade Groups. Our symbolism and activities are taught at their respective grade levels and life experiences.
*  We Build Upon What Students Already Believe. Jesus never attacked others for their beliefs. Like Jesus, we use their beliefs as a basis to help the kids understand the truths Jesus was teaching.
*  We Restate Our Message Whenever Necessary. Jesus was patient when he taught. He rephrased his teachings or used another story to make sure his lessons were being understood. We tend to repeat topics using different activities, and that's ok. Memories are short, and repetition can build upon a child's foundational knowledge.
*  We Care About Our Fellow Learners.  To teach like Jesus you need to have a genuine love for your fellow learners, and our teachers exude that. Also, similar to our teachers, Jesus wanted his listeners to understand, to learn, and to follow him. Although we may have varing deliveries at ti mes or have three kids wanting the last purple crayon, we will care enough about each other and adher to the purpose of us gathering by accepting everyone without judgement while making "The Well" a comfortable place for everyone to have fun & learn about the stories in the Bible and the Methodist faith.
*  We Apple What We Learn & Pass Along Our Findings.  Jesus did not just "Talk the Talk". He lived his teachings. To date, our active Sunday School students at "The Well" collect money for OCEF each Sunday during service, sing every 5th Sunday in service, collected food donations for two fellow students when they unexpectedly lost their momma, sent out Christmas Cards to the OUMC members to spread their love, joy and Christmas cheer, created handmade inserts fof the OUMC Lenten Devotional, and much much more!
We welcome you and your kids to drink 'till your cup is overflowin' with the living waters found at "The Well", and share in all the fun we have going on!
See You There!